Zapustil nas je basist skupine Hämatom – Peter „West“ Haag

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Nemška metal zasedba Hämatom je pred nekaj urami svoje oboževalce preko omrežja Facebook obvestila, da nas je zaupstil njihov basist “WEST”.

Prevod v ENG:
Yesterday, after a short serious illness, our WEST closed its eyes forever. There are no words to express our sorrow and disbelief. We shared the stage, passion and dreams for over 30 years and just don’t know how to ever cope with his loss. WEST was one of the most inclined and at the same time dearest people in this world. He loved and lived music with every fiber and not a day will go by that we don’t miss him. Thank you big man for being apart of this bunch. Thank you for shaping us and leaving us with so many beautiful, unforgettable memories. We wish your loved ones all the strength in the world during this difficult time!

WESTi, we love you and will forever carry you in our hearts… 🖤

P.S. Our show at Rock the Lakes is cancelled. We will let you know how things continue after this in the next few days.

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